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Dog Walking



Paws provides a mid-day break for our clients that work extended hours and want their four-legged companion(s) to get a little activity and socialization.


Benefits of dog walking for your dog:


  • Helps establish and maintain a regular potty schedule
  • Regular exercise ensures they are healthy and happy
  • Provides consistent behavior and leash training
  • Provides some socialization during the day
  • Reduces stress for kenneled dogs
  • Having someone responsible in case of an emergency


Benefits of dog walking for you:


  • Knowing that your pet is being attended to by a professional
  • Customize a schedule that works with your needs
  • Reduces the chance of accidents
  • You do not have to impose on family, friends or neighbors
  • Increased home security by offering an in-home personalized service


Our standard mid day visit is 20 minutes in length between 11am-4pm Monday-Friday.


We do not offer discounted rates for clients requesting multiple walks per day, or reoccurring visits per week because every visit is a personalized visit.


Whether we come to your house and let your dog(s) out into the back yard for a play session with a ball or frisbee or leash them up and take them on a walk. We happily work with you to customize a routine based on your specific needs. Extended visit times based on availability each day for an additional fee.


Paws also offers a brief 10 min. potty break visit only for those client's more concerned with their pet relieving themselves than getting exercise or stimulation. The sitter will enter your home and let your companion pet(s) out in the back yard, refill their water bowl, and then leave. These visits are valid Monday-Friday only between 10am-4pm only.


Should you require an extended walk time, we can certainly work with you to schedule a customized routine that works best for your pet(s). Depending on the size of your dog(s), and their temperament and demeanor, we can comfortably handle two dogs at a time. Additional dogs can be walked simultaneously based on a case by case basis for a minimal additional fee.


Paws requires all new and existing clients to have a credit card on file. All new clients will be billed at the time of their first service via credit card unless other payment arrangements have been specified. We accept the additional forms of payment for all services: cash, personal or business check, or PayPal.


Paws requires a minimum of 12 hours notice on all non-holiday service cancellations. Credits will be applied to your next services and remain on file without expiration.


Holiday cancellations require a minimum of 7 days notice of cancellation in order not to be billed. Holidays are obviously our busiest time, and we can only accommodate so many clients at peak times. In order to book accordingly and to try to ensure we provide services for as many of our clients as possible during peak times, we do not make exceptions for changes in your schedule, arriving home early, etc.


Services requested with less than 5 hours notice will be charged a premium service fee on top of our regular service fee.

Services requested with less than 2 hours notice will be charged an automatic $25 fee on top of your regular service fee.

Paws also owns The Pooch Patio conveniently located in the Oak Lawn area and is open seven days a week. We offer doggie day care, boarding, full-service baths and professional grooming, a retail storefront, a beer and wine bar and host dog parties.



Bark at us:

telebone: 469-855-PAWS (7297)

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