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Pet Taxi Services

Are you running late for work and you won't be able to drop off your pet at doggie day care?


Did your meeting with your boss run over and you won't be able to leave work to make your dog's veterinary appointment?


Did your groomer move your dog's groomer appointment to 3pm and you won't be able to leave work to take them?


Are you out of dog food or a prescription medication and you won't have time after work to pick these items up?


Paws Professional Pet Services offers reliable, dependable and prompt pet taxi services for your four-legged pooch when you can't take them yourself!


Pet owners cannot always adjust their schedule or be available when their pet needs to attend an appointment at the veterinarian, groomer, etc.


Your pet will travel in an air-conditioned vehicle that is well maintained and fully insured. We can provide a traveling container or crate or you can provide your own. We can stay with your pet(s) until ready to return or come back for them at a later time. Waiting time is an additional fee.

Pet Taxi Policies:


One-way or Round-trip transport available within a 10 mile radius from our location.


Additional mileage fees apply on top of base rate over 10 miles.


Offered 7 days a week, scheduled in advance, or scheduled same day - we can get your pet where they need to be safely and on time.


Does not include waiting time if applicable.


We require more than 2 or more pets to be in a crate for safety.


Leaving and returning at a later time for return trip starts a new Base Fee and new Travel Charge. is used to calculate mileage between your pick-up address and the destination, both ways in the case of round-trip transports - up to 10 miles included in base price.


**Please advise in advance if your pet does not travel in a car well and is prone to getting sick. This will allow us to be prepared in advance for any accidents.



**Please be sure to advise of any changes to your routine, any new pet(s) in the household, new security measures, etc.



If you would like Paws to retain keys and or fobs on file for reoccurring use, we require that you provide us with (2) key copies at the new consultation. One will remain with your primary sitter, and one will be at our facility for emergency purposes. If we are not provided with (2) key copies, we will assess a pet taxi fee to our locksmith of choice plus a $4.00 key copy fee.


If you do not want Paws to keep any keys on file for you, we require that your keys are dropped off at our facility 24 hours in advance of your scheduled service appointment. After the visit, your sitter will drop off your keys at the facility to be picked up at your convenience. For security purposes, we will not leave your key at your premise after our last visit.



Paws requires all new and existing clients to have a credit card on file. All new clients will be billed at the time of their first service via credit card unless other payment arrangements have been specified. We accept the additional forms of payment for all services: cash, personal or business check, or PayPal.


Paws requires a minimum of 12 hours notice on all non-holiday service cancellations. Credits will be applied to your next services and remain on file without expiration.


Holiday cancellations require a minimum of 7 days notice of cancellation in order not to be billed. Holidays are obviously our busiest time, and we can only accommodate so many clients at peak times. In order to book accordingly and to try to ensure we provide services for as many of our clients as possible during peak times, we do not make exceptions for changes in your schedule, arriving home early, etc.


Services requested with less than 5 hours notice will be charged a premium service fee on top of our regular service fee.


Bark at us:

telebone: 469-855-PAWS (7297)

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