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Q: Why should I use a professional pet sitting company in lieu of taking my animals to a facility or my vet?

A: Every pet is different, but we believe it is in the pets best interest to maintain their regular routine in their home environment in your absence. Disrupting a pet's routine can cause them to be stressed. Caring for your pets in your home not only makes them feel comfortable, but also helps be a mild crime deterrent because someone is coming in/out of your home on a frequent basis.The less stressed they are, the happier they will be.


Q: Are you bonded and insured?

A: yes


Q: Who is coming to my home to care for my pets?

A: We like to align each client with one primary sitter and one backup sitter. The sitter with whom you met at your consultation will be the scheduled sitter providing your services. Should this sitter be unavailable for your scheduled services due to injury or sickness, a backup sitter will be provided. It is our desire to build a long-lasting report between your sitter and you/your animals.


Q: How can I have contact with my sitter? Can I receive updates daily on my pets?

A. Our sitters are available for you to contact at any time. We will provide to you their cell phone number. Please advise what type of contact you would like to receive during their stay- text message updates, photos, emails or phone messages. We are happy to give you regular feedback about your pets in our care.


Q: How are pet accidents and destruction of property handled?

A. Our sitters make every effort to clean up incidents to the best of their ability with the supplies you have on hand in your household. If there are not adequate cleaning supplies, we will purchase them with your approval and a pet taxi fee and supply reimbursement fee will be added to our final bill and billed on your CC on file. Please be aware that not all accidents can be cleaned up entirely depending on location, but we will communicate to you any issues so that you are aware of the incident and can address it further if need be upon your return.


Q: What happens if my pet gets injured or becomes sick and needs veterinary attention?

A: Our sitters pay attention to your pets temperament, behavior, overall health and eating habits. If there is a concern, we will address it with you immediately and formulate a game plan. If you want us to take your pet to your vet of choice, we will be happy to take your pet.

**Additional pet tax fees and any wait fees will be billed at completion of services.


Q: How do your sitters handle pet emergencies?

A: Your sitter will contact the owner of the company who is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We then will try to reach you on your designated contact information.

If we are unable to contact you, we will try to reach your emergency contact person on file.

If we are unable to reach anyone, we will decide on the appropriate action to be taken to protect and care for your pet and home.

Any emergencies that we feel are of grave concern or life-threatening, we will immediately transport the dog to your vet if during operating hours. If a veterinary visit is necessary after hours or on the weekends, we will take your pet to one of the following locations:


Hillside Veterinary Hospital:

6150 E. Mockingbird Lane,

Dallas, Texas 75214



Emergency Animal Clinic (on Fitzhugh) 3337 N. Fitzhugh at Travis



Emergency Animal Clinic (on Greenville) 12101 Greenville Ave., #118 (at Markville), Dallas, TX



**Additional pet tax fees and any wait fees will be billed at completion of services.


Q. What supplies should I have on hand?

A. In order to save us a trip and you the additional expense, we ask that you keep plenty of supplies on hand which includes, but is not limited to: dog food, cat food, cat litter, trash bags, disinfectant spray, paper towels, carpet cleaner, clean crate towels and additional bedding, any applicable medicines, etc. If supplies run out, we will purchase additional supplies and bill you for a pet taxi fee plus a supply fee.


Q. I am unavailable to take my pet(s) to the groomer or their vet appointment. Can I use your pet taxi service?

A. We do provide this service and appreciate advance booking notification. We charge $25 per 30 min within a 10 mile radius. We do not like to transport more than 3 animals at a time. If you want your animal to be crated in the car, we require that you provide the carrier for us to utilize. We require all cats to be in a carrier. Please advise at the time of booking if your animal does not travel well so that we can prepare accordingly.


Q. Do I need to contact Paws when I return home?

A. We ask that you kindly send a text to your sitter upon your safe return home so that we know no further services are needed. For this reason, we will not leave a home or apartment unsecured or leave a key inside and then lock the handle lock on our way out on th last "scheduled" visit.


Q. Can I have someone share pet-sitting responsibilities?

A. We do not job share pet sitting responsibilities with your friends, neighbors, or family members. Our insurance does not cover the presence of visitors or other caregivers in the home while under our care. In order to ensure that your home and your pets are safely and securely cared for, we ask that we are the only ones you contract to provide services at one time. Paws reserves the right to discontinue caring for your pets if we become aware of another person performing the duties we are contracted to perform.


Q. Why does your company require two sets of keys?

A. For our clients that want us to keep keys on file for future reference, we require two sets. We keep one at our facility and one is taken by your primary sitter. Client keys are marked with your pets name and last name only.


Q. Is my dog taken for walks in extreme temperatures?

A. If the heat index is above 100 degrees, we will not walk dogs unless they are accustomed to being outdoors, and then only for a short walk. If there are strong storms, with thunder and lightning, your dog will not be walked. We will ensure in either case that your animals relieve themselves prior to our departure by letting them out in the back yard and spending any remainder of our time with them inside.


Q. What are the standard times of your visits?

A. It is our desire to customize a routine that your pet is accustomed to or that you want us to maintain. Our visits depend on how many scheduled visits each sitter has each day in each area. We like to allow for blocks of times for our visits, and we will not guarantee a visit at a specific time-ever. We like to use the following blocks of times as guidelines:

AM: 6-8am

Mid-day potty breaks: 10am-2pm

Mid day dog walking: 12-2pm

PM visits: 5-7:30pm

Late night visits: 9-10pm

Overnight Care: 7pm arrival. If you need or desire an earlier arrival, this can easily be arranged with advance notice for an additional fee.


Q. How much notice of cancellation do you need?

A. We require 12 hours notice for any cancellations non-holiday time. If the sitter is on their way to your home or has arrived at your home for their scheduled visit then you will be charged for a visit. Holiday cancellations we require 7 days notice from the starting date of your initial services to avoid penalties.


Q. How can I leave a gratuity for my sitter?

A. Gratuities are accepted and 100% of any gratuity goes directly to your sitter. You can leave a gratuity at the time of your first service visit, you can add a gratuity to your check or advise of an additional dollar amount for us to add on to your credit card bill.


Q. If I get a confirmation, and need to adjust the dates of service or services being delivered, what should I do?

A. Our professional pet sitter software will email you a booking confirmation after we have scheduled your services which will also serve as your invoice prior to your service beginning. If you need to make any changes or additions to what was scheduled, you can e-mail the changes to, or you can call our office at 469-855-7297. We will make the adjustments in our system and send you an updated booking confirmation with your revisions.


Q. Does your company use independent contractors?

A. No, we hire all of our sitters as employees in order that we can train them properly on our policies and procedures. We also require all prospective employees to submit to a background check prior to being hired.


Q. What paperwork do I have to sign at the new consultation?

A. Your sitter will arrive at the new consultation with the following documents to review with you:

- an informative brochure on our business and the services we offer

- an information sheet

- our service contract

- a key release form

- a credit card authorization form

- a veterinary release form


Q. Do you have references?

A. We will happily provide references upon request.


Q. How can I pay for services?

A. We accept cash, checks, Paypal, and VISA or MasterCard. Checks are made payable to Paws Pet Services. We require a credit card on file at all time for emergencies. Our professional pet sitter software will email you a booking confirmation after we have scheduled your services which will also serve as your invoice prior to your service beginning.


Additional questions or concerns:

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Hiring a sitter is an important task. We have outlined some of our clients questions to help answer any concerns you may have:


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