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Paws Professional Pet Services has been proudly servicing our customers in the metroplex since 2000.


Our loyal clients drool over us because we pamper their four-legged companions like they are one of our own and they know that they can have confidence and feel secure leaving their pet(s) in our care.



Below are some of our drool-worthy testimonials:


TRAPPED in Newport, RI and I can't get home to Dallas! ERRRRR - USAir (that's another review... LOL)! I have pups waiting for me at home and I am now flying into DFW 20 hours late. Panic!!! What To DO!?! I called April and let her know that I was majorly delayed and I can't get home tonight. April said, "No Problem, JP! We have you covered. We will get the pups walked and fed and spend one more night at your house! The pups will be thrilled to see you when you get home tomorrow. We got this!" HOW COOL IS THAT? Do you have any idea what peace of mind April and her pet sitters bring to me? Huge Peace of Mind. My pups are well taken care of and I can take a deep sigh of relief. I have trusted April with my pets since 2002! That is 13 years of amazing service and and I am continually thankful for her company's services and their attentive, personal, kind care of my pets. Now... about that airline!!!

J.P., Dallas

Paws Pet Sitting has been watching my cat for about a year. I travel regularly and they have been absolutely amazing with last-minute trips, long and short. My cat doesn't like strangers, but each time Chris visits, she comes running. It's a huge relief to know I don't have to worry when I'm away and that my cat will see a familiar face when her person can't be home. I would recommend these guys to anyone looking for trustworthy, affordable care for their pets.

A. Alina, Dallas

We have been using Paws for about a year now and we couldn't be happier. We switched to Paws after our two dogs kept getting sick at a kennel in Dallas. Not only is it cheaper than boarding, I think it is less stress on my dogs as well! Chris is our primary pet sitter and she is awesome! The dogs love her, and she takes great care of them in our absence. April and Chris have come to our rescue with a few last minute situations that required their services on very short notice. I find them consistent, flexible, dependable, and trustworthy. I have not had any issues and I will continue to utilize Paws into the future.

Adam G., Dallas

My husband and I have entrusted Paws Professional Pet Sitting exclusively for about seven years. We use Paws' services to take care of the three dogs in our family and our home when we're out of town. April and her staff are professional and dependable and provide personalized service. They feed our dogs the special diet we've given them for years, exercise them and give affection, ensure that our home is safe, text us with daily updates, plus provide many other services. When we return home from trips, our dogs are calm and the house looks like it did when we left. It gives me contentment knowing that my dear companions are getting TLC in the comfort of their home and that the home itself is being looked after.

T. McNary, Dallas

"As a dog trainer, I recommend Paws to all my clients. April and her staff are very friendly and accommodating, not to mention "passionate about dogs." They take great care of their pooches in home, in their day care and for their boarding clients as well. Four paws up for Paws and The Pooch Patio

Rebecca Jones, Dog Behavioral Therapist & Trainer, Bark Busters Dallas

Paws Pet Sitting has been my choice for Pet sitters for a number of years and will continue to be so. April and her staff are compassionate, kind, reliable and trustworthy. My cat loves Totty who is always in contact with me-especially when I travel-to reassure me that all is well with my cat and my house. I never have to worry about pet sitting knowing that April and Totty are always dependable. I highly recommend them.

Salma G, Dallas

"We have used both Paws Pet sitting and The Pooch Patio for the past 6 years. Our dog is our child and we can travel peacefully knowing that he is safe and happy. April and her staff are amazing and treat him like one of their own. Whether he needs to a walk during the week, visits while we are away, a day at the doggie spa, or just getting out some energy, we know that he is in the best hands possible. They are the best!"

Kam Naidoo

Law Office of Kamlesan Naidoo, PLLC

800 E. Campbell Rd. Ste 142

Richardson, TX 75081

"I cannot say enough good things about The Pooch Patio and Paws Pet Service. April runs a very professional business, is extremely prompt to respond and to fulfill our every need and a true animal lover. For over six years now, April has been a key player in the raising of our lovely little daughter, Bonnie. Bonnie was an abused Rotti and today Bonnie is social and loves going to Day Care—a lot of which we contribute to April’s care. As well, being a busy professional with unusual hours, April and her business has assisted me with the care. No matter the need, no matter the time frame, Bonnie has had taxi rides to vet appointments or day care, or in-home visits to walk and let her out. Bonnie is my daughter and I view April and her business as my extended family."

Pat Yost

"I don't know what I would do without Paws. The entire group is trustworthy, professional and offer exceptional care to my two dogs. I even had an emergency vet situation where they handled everything better than I could have even expected. I know my two dogs are receiving the extra love and care they need while I am at work. I am very happy with the service they provide. "

J. G, Dallas

"We have known April for approx. six years and the reliable service she has provided has helped our business immensely. They taxi dogs to and from our facility when owners aren't able, and she has sent us many new dogs for training. We in turn tell owners about her services if they have a dog that cannot stay here with us, or if they need a ride to or from our facility. All of our clients that have used her have been very pleased with her professionalism, reliability, and great attitude. Every time we see April or any of her staff members, they are cheerful and a pleasure to do business with, or should I say share business with! They are attentive and wonderful with the dogs, and they all seem to adore she and her team.

 Park Cities Obedience School

"Paws provides a nurturing touch and thorough understanding of my pets which puts me at ease when I am away. They are always communicative, concerned and very thorough in their care. They are there to answer any of my questions concerning my babies."

L. K., David Griffin & Co., Realtors

"Paws gave my dog Mollie a new outlet by coming to my house to give her a daily walk when I moved from a house to an apartment. I loved the notes that were always left, knowing that someone was taking care of her the way I would, the progress reports I got on the phone and just that extra personal care that only they can offer. It is not often you find someone who will care for your child like you would, and I knew that was always the case when Mollie was taken care of by Paws. It was life changing for her, and a great comfort for me to see all the changes in Mollie's behavior and eating habits.

M. Cullen, Dallas

"Your service is incredible! We can actually enjoy our vacations now! We have someone we can trust coming into our home, but most importantly taking care of our best friend! It's a joke in our house that we tell Milton (a 120 lb. sheep dog) that his personal assistant will be over to check on him!! I can call at you at anytime on spur of the moment and you've have always been there!!! Thank you!!! And Milton loves the treats you leave for him!!!"

Milton, Marsha and Van, Dallas

"We were blown away by the thoroughness of Paws' initial consultation and, thus, completely comfortable leaving our three cats in her care. She took a genuine interest in our little ones and they immediately took a liking to her. April even remembered to watch cartoons (the cats' favorite) --while visiting daily! We know Hunter, Trouble and Jackie especially appreciated that! Paws services go way beyond just pet sitting in that I know if I've got a cat crisis on-hand, April will have the answer. 110% professional, April always has the answer to our pet questions and has great referrals for pet-related services."

C. Golsch, F. Stephenson, Dallas

"Paws has been a life saver for me! I am very particular who takes care of Sake (my cat) because he is a very attached to humans and needs lots of TLC. April, Chris and Sarah are tremendous! Traveling was a big issue until Paws. Paws is very thorough and professional and provides a tremendous amount of love, play and care for a pet. It is really nice to know that Sake is in trusting care when I am gone along with my home. Paws does a fantastic job bringing in the mail, providing updates and making you aware of any issues at your home. Paws is an awesome service and goes way beyond the call of duty!!!"

D. Nadel, Las Colinas

"PAWS is an excellent service. April and her staff have been taking care of my dog Tucker for about a year now and my experience with them has been wonderful. They are reliable and responsible and Tucker adores them. It gives me great comfort to know that he is being cared for so well. I also really appreciate the great customer service I consistently receive, from accommodation of my last minute requests for additional services, to the monthly itemized account statement I receive each month. I highly recommend PAWS."

M.A., Dallas

"Paws has provided my dog Riley with daily walks for years now and I have been nothing but pleased with the services. They provide the best care imaginable for Riley and my 2 cats, Timmy and Bailey. All 3 of the "kids" regularly greet my sitter at the door and are excited about the visit. I feel very safe entrusting my pets care with Paws because they treat them as if they were the owners. One time April had taken Riley for his daily walk and realized he was experiencing respiratory congestion and needed to be evaluated by a vet. April notified me at work and I was able to get him in that evening. Luckily he just had severe allergies. It reiterated my confidence in Paws. Paws has provided excellent services for my "kids" and I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs a responsible, reliable, loving pet sitter."

E. Balch, Dallas

Paws strives to make all of our clients drool and slobber...a lot. We do realize however that we can make a client growl from time to time, but certainly invest a great deal of effort to provide consistent, reliable, professional care to gain a loyal clientele. Please bark at us and provide any feedback you want to yap about as we continually strive to exceed our customers expectations. We love to get drool-worthy feedback so throw us a bone!


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"I never worry if my doggie gets out and walked and back home again safely! April does a great job! My dog is happy, so so am I!"

T.M., Dallas

"I have been using Paws for 14 years. I have three cats and four dogs and travel frequently. They have never failed me, are there for last minute additions and late calls and I know that if I run into a problem and need them, they are there to help with the animals. I just pick up the phone and always get a prompt response! The best part about April and her team is that all of them are responsive to said and unsaid needs. Most of the time I don't have to ask them to do something; they sees what needs to be done and does it!"

J. Peterson, Dallas

"We have used Paws Pet Sitting Service for over 5 years now. We are really impressed with the attention to detail and the quality of service. It is reassuring to know that our dogs are in good hands when we can't be there to take care of them!"

E.M. & M.N, Dallas

"The first thing I do when we plan a vacation is email April to make sure she can take care of our babies - Mardy and Maddie. When I'm on vacation, I don't worry at all like I used to because I know they are in good hands. The first thing we do when we get home is look at their report card to make sure they didn't get into any trouble. I'm very thankful for Paws and the tremendous service they provide!"

S.C., Dallas

"We have always had a great experience with Paws. Luther and Carly are always well taken care of and like their dog walker Candy very much. I have complete trust in knowing that my dogs are being treated very well and in Paws service. I also appreciate the schedule flexibility if I need to make changes. I highly recommend Paws."

 A. Skinner, Dallas

"I've used Paws Pet Services repeatedly over the past year, and trust them completely with the care of my cherished ones. They've gone beyond my expectations by giving advice and even lending a hand in helping me get the puppies through some rough training and behavioral problems. The Paws people are professional, friendly, great to work with and truly love and care for their animals. They're absolutely number one in my book!"

J. Jacobs, Dallas

"When your dogs are like your kids, you want to know they are in good hands when you're not at home. The staff is not only very professional, but they genuinely care as much as I do about Codi and Gracie. It shows in everything they do. They are also extremely accommodating. I travel and don’t always control my schedule but have never had a problem with last minute changes and or additions. They offer pick-up and drop-off and go and get me dog food when I run low. The bottom line is that I trust Paws to take care of my girls and recommend them highly."

M.S., Dallas

"We have been using Paw's Pet Sitting for about two years and are extremely pleased with their service. We have 5 beautifully spoiled cats, and as business owners, we are required to go out of town frequently. Until we found Paws, we relied on friends to come by the house and feed the cats. Even though we paid them, we would often come home to grumpy cats, a messy house, dirty litter boxes and empty food and water bowls. No matter who we asked to take care of our cats, the same situation occurred. We were never comfortable leaving town. The first time we used Paws, we saw a tremendous change. When we came back from our trip, the house was clean, the litter boxes were clean, the food and water bowls were full, and most importantly, our cats were happy. In fact, our cats acted like we were never gone! Since then, we have used Paws every time, and every time we've been pleased. Thank you, Paws!"

B. Morris, Dallas

Staff Bios:


"I started Paws in 2000 because at that time I had 8 animals in my home and found it very difficult to rely upon someone to come into my home and provide the love, attention and care that I demanded for my companion animals. My animals have always been my babies. I worked diligently to create a name for my business that reflected the high quality of services that I wanted to be known for- "Personalized TLC when you can't be there!" Since 2000, I have grown Paws to have over 1600 loyal clients in the metroplex and take great pride knowing that our clients entrust us into their homes to care for their companions."

April, Alpha Dog, Owner and CEO

"I have been with Paws since 2011 and I love having the opportunity to get to know each fur kid and their unique personalities. I love Arriving at a clients house and being greeted with kisses, happy dancing, little demanding meows and barks, and knowing that the Human client is comforted knowing their fur baby is being carried for by someone who loves them. I love all furry and not so furry creatures. I have two Great Danes and two cats and I'm very comfortable with all temperaments ranging in size from teacups to giant breed pups. "



"I love pet sitting because you start to care/love for the fur kids as if they are your own. I've seen them go from puppies to teenagers, from teenagers to wiser kids to holding them knowing you won't see them the next time. It's a love/hate feeling. But knowing the client appreciates you makes it rewarding. I have been with Paws since 2005 and it makes me smile to know that I have built a report with my clients that they ask for me by name. Whether I have done services for them once or 20 other times, it always feels good when they ask for that one pet sitter because they know you have bonded with their fur kid(s) and feel very comfortable traveling or going to work. I take pride in what I do. I love taking pics and sending my clients updates. I do what I can to make sure they are taken care of and that they can rely on me to provide personalized care. If flights are canceled/delayed, I rearrange things to give them peace of mind that things at home are ok. I take pride in leaving my clients homes better than when they left. Seeing the pups/cats so happy to see you when you walk in the door, is a reward within its self."



"I love pet sitting because I am caring for someone's baby/babies. The parents have entrusted you to take care of their baby/babies and it gives me great pleasure. I have been with PAWS since 2014 I smile about my clients because they make me feel appreciated. I no longer have any pets of my own so pet sitting for me is like having dozens of pets."



"I love pet sitting because animals love unconditionally and are always happy to see me. It's fun to watch puppies and kittens grow into adults, and heartbreaking when you have to say good-bye. It's very fulfilling for me to build a relationship with my clients and to watch a dog go from being timid and scared to happy to see me, or a cat who watches me from a distance the first few visits to sitting on my lap and giving me headbumps. I started with PAWS in October of 2004, and have enjoyed every minute of the past 11 years! The pure joy animals give to me is contagious. I love and treat your pet exactly the way I treat my own. I have 2 cats of my own, Bella and Dakota and a grand dog Brutus and grand-cat Harlow."



"I have been with PAWS since 2006. I've always loved animals and began working for PAWS in high-school and have continued to pet sit during summers at home and throughout the year. I love seeing all my old clients that I have built long-standing relationships with through the years and to see how they have gracefully aged. My favorite part of pet sitting is knowing that the animals are happy and taken care of, even when their parents are away! I share my home with my dog and a cat!"



"I have been a pet lover and owner all of my life and am the newest team member to join Paws. I am excited to have the opportunity to work with Paws taking care of our client's pets with the same attentiveness that I care for my own. I look forward to building great relationships with many of our loyal clients for years to come."


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